Hi👋🏼, I'm Michael and I've started Side Project Stack to save you time and frustration.

michael novotny and no code to make and launch a side project

Making an app with no-code is hard. This guide is created to help anyone learn how to make and launch an app with no-code.

I’ve successfully made and launched 10+ no-code projects, generated revenue with a no-code startup, earned #1 Product Hunt of the day with another, failed with many more and interviewed dozens of Makers, talked directly with hundreds more, documented 150+ no-code product teardowns to put together this site where you will find the No Code Wiki, How to find the right no-code tools: GetStackd.io, and knowledge base of 100+ examples of Maker’s Tech Stacks. Think of it like a guide to decrease the effort and time to make a side project with no code. If you’re not sure where to start, try here.

I am currently working on a modern version of The Lean Startup with my project called The Lean Side Project. How to make and launch your digital app idea from 0 to 1 without writing a single line of code.

The Mission

Makers helping other Makers, make. That’s it.

I interview insanely talented no code Makers and provide their raw commentary and insights on the no code tools they used. You can get access to that by signing up for the newsletter here. So that it might help Makers new or experienced, make and launch their idea into a reality.

In addition, I also provide my unique perspective from the angle of no-code Maker and a product manager on how to make and launch a no code side project.

So how’d I get to here?

I launched into tech when I launched my online startup marketplace in 2016. For me, it was epic. 

I spent almost a year figuring out how to put it together and get it to the finish line (and launch)…or so I thought. 

Turns out launching is actually the starting line. I had a lot to learn. 😂

Launching it I received press coverage and actual revenue. All without writing a single line of code.

It was magical to me. I was hooked. But there was a problem. I was toast. 

I was so exhausted by the time I launched I had nothing left to give. Working every night and weekend for a year, I was mentally and emotionally on empty. 

I discovered making is only 50% of the battle. Launching a side project is an art.

How do you make and launch something successfully without killing yourself?

It didn’t need to be this hard.  I estimated that I wasted roughly 50% of my time figuring out I started with the wrong no code tools and much of my time learning how to use the right tools to make my project.

It was long and lonely journey. Making a no code side project by yourself was the wrong approach.

I thought, would it be helpful if I captured all my learnings from the tools to save that time for other Makers?  

And then if other Makers contributed I could learn from them too. We all could benefit.

At the time, I noticed some Maker’s were sharing their thoughts on Twitter. 

But, there was a second problem. I had a small network, my Twitter feed was often random  and if I wasn’t obsessively looking at Twitter I might miss something helpful. 

So often I would see Makers post how, what  and why they used different tools to create their product tech stack, but then in a matter of hours, it would be gone in a mass sea of never-ending tweets.

And I noticed that getting insights from Maker’s was hard to find. 

So I thought, why not document it all into one place, and be a place for anyone to build on top of what others have done and democratize knowledge of building with no code. 

The idea for Side Project Stack was born. 

What would happen if no code Maker’s share how we make something to a central repository like a wiki. Could it help Makers turn their idea to a reality? 

I’m on a mission to find out.

And I hope that you will join me.

Maker Profile:

I am a product manager by day and a no code maker by night. 

– Launched online marketplace in 2016. Generated revenue and scored press coverage to launch on local news.

– Launched a no code app and became #1 product of the day on Product Hunt.

– Launched a no code Twilio integrated app for a 30 day Nocodevember challenge

– 5 years of product experience and currently a product manager of a major sports league for digital products.

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