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Adalo Review

adalo no code review

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Adalo believes “Stop Making Mockups. Start Making Real Apps.” And I could not agree more. Adalo you can publish a native mobile app or a web app. Adalo is mainly known for making it easier to launch a native mobile app but depending on your strategy, starting with a native mobile app might not be the best place to start. Adalo allows you to still create web applications. Check out my recent tweet storm and recent video no-code teardown of an app made in Adalo

Below you can see actual Maker products and “In their words” Makers who launched using Adalo as part of the side project stack.

michael novotny and no code to make and launch a side project

Forward by Maker: Michael Novotny

Pros and Cons of Adalo



Where to Start?

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Adalo Courses and Tutorials

Adalo vs Glide

Doc Williams compares Adalo vs Glide showing what you need to know.

View breakdown by Doc Williams

Launch an App Without Code

Build and validate your idea without code. Create an iOS & Android MVP in no time using Adalo, Zapier, and Airtable

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Makers and Their Products Using Adalo

Use this list of Makers to find project inspiration and see what they used to make something without using code.

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"In Their Words" Maker advice from what they learned while building with Adalo

sebastian no code

What advantage will this stack give you? This tool allows you to get going quickly to make a native mobile app.

+ I tried two other no-code tools before deciding on Adalo to build my app. Glide was easy to use but lacked many features like the option to launch in the app stores. I also played around with Bubble but found it confusing and hard to get something out quickly. Adalo was the obvious choice for me in terms of building something quickly, level of customization, third-party integration, and publishing options. I used Adalo mainly for the frontend and data structure. They offer an integration with Zapier which was useful to trigger and automate workflows. For instance, on new use signup I synced that via Zapier to Airtable, which I use as sort of my lightweight CRM system


+ When I built the first version of my app and I wanted to deploy it to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it just didn’t work on Adalo’s end. Their team, who is really responsive by the way, and I worked together troubleshooting and resolving the issues. Eventually, they fixed everything so an automated deployment is now possible. 

Side Project Stack

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