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glide and no code to make and launch a project

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Glide is a great way to turn a spreadsheet into a mobile app. I’ll be documenting extensively using Glide in a future no code app and will highlight below. Below are some key insights from Maker’s who have already made and launched with Glide.

Below are some of the best no code actual applications created by some insanely talented Makers who launched using Glide as part of the side project stack.

michael novotny and no code to make and launch a side project

Forward by Maker: Michael Novotny

Pros and Cons of Glide


  • Are you familiar with using Google Sheets? Then you’re off to a familiar start. Glide is built on top of Google sheets which drastically reduces the learning curve for picking up a new tool ——> that means more time saved from make to launch.


  • While ease of adoption is a plus, it lacks in customization.

No Code "How To" Tutorials and Resources

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Makers Using Glide In Their Side Project Stack



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"In Their Words" No Code Maker Commentary and Reviews

Sharath of requestforproduct uses no code to make and launch a project

Maker: Sharath Best Place to Find Him: Twitter Project stack for #RequestforProduct can be found here. Project link for #RequestforProduct.

Read Sharath’s Full Interview

+ Glide is an awesome tool if you are into making apps. They have some really powerful features like chat, notifications.

+They have some awesome tutorials that helps people to quickly take advantage of the platform.

+Also you can talk to a Glide expert who can help you with niche problems. David(co-founder) is really responsive. He address most of the questions in less time. 

I would love to see having a small size CRM as I want to maintain user profiles. This is something I requested them.

-And it’s slightly expensive. Other than that it’s a great platform to ship mobile apps.

Mohammad Naz of argumeter uses no code to make and launch a project

Maker: Mohammad Best Place to Find Him: Twitter Project stack for Twitter Argumeter can be found here. Project link for Argumeter.

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+ Great for building a simple app without worrying about frontend and no app takes more than 30 minutes.

+ Uses Google Sheets as a database that is easy to manage.

+Most listings type and e-commerce apps can be built here. I won’t be surprised if a bunch of influencers starts building Glide based e-shops.

-Customization is super limited as Glide was supposed to be the least hassle-free to use but it should provide slugs or URL parameters to identify a specific item’s details page which can be shared dynamically with users.