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Google Sheets is my go to for any no code project. Because it is a spreadsheet with an API hooked in, it is super simple to connect forms, other tools as well as serve as a conduit back to whatever output you are generating to the user. I use it as a database. However, it is not as functional as Airtable and below in the Pros and Cons I highlight why.

Google Sheets is free, easy to use, most familiar to use, friendly API, most responsive API that cannot be beat (when connecting to Zapier it responds the fastest between Zaps/workflows). For what google sheets lacks in what Airtable can do, it provides faster workflows.

One critical area that Google Sheets lacks in is the ability to update an existing row with a formula in it. To my knowledge it is not possible to set up several different formulas in google sheets in a column prior to adding information from a form. Airtable is superior in this regard. Depending on what you need done, I’d recommend google sheets. When I created a the no code tool generator I failed to create it with google sheets and used Airtable successfully. 

Below are some of the best no code actual applications created by some insanely talented Makers who launched using Google Sheets as part of the side project stack.

michael novotny and no code to make and launch a side project

Forward by Maker: Michael Novotny

Pros and Cons of Google Sheets


  • Familiarity because its a spreadsheet at its core
  • Allows the more complex type of formulas like a spreadsheet. Compared to Airtable which is quite limited on complex formulas.
  • Easy to plug into Zapier and connect to other applications
  • Insane fast responsiveness for most workflows. When plugging into Zapier, what I learned that is most interesting is that google sheets will usually automatically trigger to send and receive information that I have had a Zap connected to. Many other apps don’t do this and this in fact is where Zapier up-sells you into higher price range so that the triggers happen faster.
  • Some apps like Typeform connect automatically to Google Sheets without cost. Take advantage of this so that you do not take up limited amount of Zaps within your Zapier account


  • Really is a poor mans database. What I dislike most about google sheets compared to Airtable is that it is very limiting for adding any type of formulas to incoming data rows. Meaning say if you connected Zapier to send some type of information. When that information gets inserted into a google sheet row, the formula you may have in that row will not get applied. That is the value of Airtable, and a key functionality that google sheets is missing.

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"In Their Words" No Code Maker Commentary and Reviews

KP of writers compound uses no code to make and launch a project

Maker: KP Best Place to Find Him: Twitter Project stack for Appeared On can be found here. Project link for Appeared On.

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+ I mean, much better than Excel. Can build pretty fun things on top of it. 
+ I prefer Airtable but had to learn how to fully leverage it. Sheets was my go-to just as it was very user friendly. But ultimately Airtable wins because of their forms and API friendly-ness.

Not many really. Could be awesome like Airtable and add a bit of visual elements to the tables. 

Sharath of requestforproduct uses no code to make and launch a project

Maker: Sharath Best Place to Find Him: Twitter Project stack for #RequestforProduct can be found here. Project link for #RequestforProduct.

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+ I used sheets when I’m working on Glide. I used it for macro formula while building OneDial. (Advice) Learn a lot of shortcuts that boosts your productivity.  

It’s still not intuitive. I need to learn all the shortcut via google. It would be nice to have them in the platform. 

Mohammad Naz of argumeter uses no code to make and launch a project

Maker: Mohammad Best Place to Find Him: Twitter Project stack for Twitter Argumeter can be found here. Project link for Argumeter.

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+ It is the most convenient tool to use as a Database and you can share access with selected Database Administrators in a jiffy.

– An Airtable like “Lookup” field to link multiple tables would have made it even more powerful as a database. 

Whit of random pizza uses no code to make and launch a project

Maker: Whit Best Place to Find Him: Twitter Project stack for Twitter Random Pizza can be found here. Project link for Random Pizza.

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+Google Sheets – Default that typeform sends to. I like it. Free.

+Don’t get to fancy with databases if you don’t have to

hey marketers a no-code job board

Maker: Corey Haines Best Place to Find Him: Twitter Project stack for Twitter Hey Marketers can be found here. Project link for Hey Marketers.

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Corey’s project is an online job board for marketers. 

+ Corey used Google Sheets as the back end which means it acts as a database for all the job posts submitted to Corey has Typeform send to Google Sheets (Typeform does have some API integrations like this) and then using Zapier to send from Google Sheets to Webflow CMS which acts as a second backend database. Webflow CMS then displays this automatically into the display for the user. (Notes are translated from interview.)

+ Google sheets is free, and is very familiar for most folks to work with. If you have not used Airtable, for a project like this go with what you are familiar with. Google sheets has a lower learning curve. (Notes are translated from interview.)