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Mailchimp is widely used tool for Makers just starting out. I would highly recommend it because of its generous freemium offering. Convertkit also has created a new freemium model as well that is worth checking out. 

The trend that I have seen among Makers is that many start with Mailchimp, then once validating their market or customer base graduate to use Mailerlite, Email Octopus, Convertkit or Revue. Lately, I have seen deliverability issues with Mailerlite as a prominent Maker Michael Gill discussed on Twitter that Mailerlite actually asked him to hold off on sending emails while they fixed a bug. The purpose of this page is not to discredit email service providers. But provide feedback from what is actually happening in the Maker community. I would still recommend Mailerlite because of how many positive things I have heard about it and how many Makers choose to use it. 

Bottom line if you are just starting out, pick a generous freemium model. So that you can validate your idea and market before you start incurring the cost for the email provider. 


Mailchimp is go to tool for email just starting out because of its unmatched free plan of 2000 subscribers/ 8000 free emails per month. It is a great tool to experiment with because of its outstanding freemium service offering. It is often one of the most popular integrated tools which is essential when looking to create a web app with.

Below are some of the best no code actual applications created by some insanely talented Makers who launched using Mailchimp as part of the side project stack.

michael novotny and no code to make and launch a side project

Forward by Maker: Michael Novotny

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Mailchimp Tutorials

How to make an automated newsletter with Mailchimp

Created by Michael Gill

View the Tutorial

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Makers and Their Products Using Mailchimp

Use this list of Makers to find project inspiration and see what they used to make something without using code.

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Michael Gill how to no code


What advantage will this stack give you? Automate sending a daily newsletter with no-code tools to save time in your process.

Side Project Stack

andrew tsao


What advantage will this stack give you? Andrew used the tutorial listed above by Michael Gill to create this newsletter song recommendation app. It is a great way to create a project that adds value while you explore a market.

Side Project Stack


Web App with membership 

What advantage will this stack give you? Antoine uses Mailchimp to deliver updates to the membership driven community.

Side Project Stack

"In Their Words" No Code Maker Commentary and Reviews

no code maker sharath

Web App

What advantage will this stack give you?  Read Sharath’s Full Interview

+ Not a big fan of Mailchimp. Only practice makes it usable.

 It’s definitely not an intuitive platform. Would love to see somehow making a simple Mailchimp. 


Side Project Stack