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Mailchimp is go to tool for email just starting out because of its unmatched free plan of 2000 subscribers/ 8000 free emails per month. It is a great tool to experiment with because of its outstanding freemium service offering. It is often one of the most popular integrated tools which is essential when looking to create a web app with.

Below are some of the best no code actual applications created by some insanely talented Makers who launched using Mailchimp as part of theΒ side project stack.

michael novotny and no code to make and launch a side project

Forward by Maker: Michael Novotny

Pros and Cons of Mailchimp


  • The best freemium service to just get started
  • Offers up to 2000 contacts and 8000 emails per month
  • Great to allow starting a newsletter without any sunk costs
  • Most recognized email service that integrates well with other apps and syncs with many different sign up form services like Upscribe.
  • Integrated with Zapier


  • Very expensive once outside the freemium service
  • Very unfriendly and confusing user experience
  • Will take time to learn and Mailchimp does a poor job at helping you figure out what items you need to do to setup your account so that your email deliverability is maximized
  • Example is having your domain authorized. Very slow process and the work instructions to do so are wrong. I’ll be providing instructions in this wiki how to do that.

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"In Their Words" No Code Maker Commentary and Reviews

Sharath of requestforproduct uses no code to make and launch a project

Maker: Sharath Best Place to Find Him: Twitter Project stack for #RequestforProduct can be found here. Project link for #RequestforProduct.

Read Sharath’s Full Interview

+ Not a big fan of Mailchimp. Only practice makes it usable.

It’s definitely not an intuitive platform. Would love to see somehow making a simple Mailchimp. 

Michael Gill how to no code

Maker: Michael Gill Best Place to Find Him: Twitter Project stack for #NoCode.Coffee can be found here. Project link for NoCode.Coffee.

Check out the how to tutorial for using Michael’s stack