Welcome👋🏼. This is the No-Code Tools Page (BETA)

Hi👋🏼, I'm Michael.

The maker of this site.

michael novotny and no code to make and launch a side project


Help Maker's help other Maker's. My goal with the no-code wiki is to help make it as easy to create a web application as it is a website. That's it.


No-code is nascent. It's an exciting new frontier. But as a Maker, at the beginning of this new frontier you'll encounter a wild, unpredictable and lonely journey. Everyday feels like a step into the unknown.


To help with this my vision for Side Project Stack is to create an open no-code wiki style resource so that any one can have access to quickly understanding what are the best no-code tools to use? How and why do other Makers use this for? Why did they make the decisions and what shared insights are there that can help others?

How To Get Started

Receive a free no-code tool recommendation for your idea. It has been used and helped over 3,000+ Makers start their no-code journey. 

Makers find this helpful because the tools used by dozens of Makers fuel the recommendations for your idea. Imagine being able to ask a bunch of awesome Maker’s what they would recommend to use to make that thing you want to do. That’s what this tool does.

A tech stack is commonly referred to what layers of technologies integrate to form something like web application. A no-code stack is the same thing but refers to three layers that integrate together to make a functioning no-code app. You’ll need to understand which tools go together to create a functioning application.

Easiest thing to do is use the no-code tool GetStackd.io as a starting point. It’s free and it recommends your best starting point saving you time trying to figure it out. Then use those tools to make something. Additionally, use the tool list listed below.


The no-code movement is remarkable because it gives the power for anyone to create working applications without using code.

As a no-code maker, you’ll need to know how to connect these tools together for it to work. Each tool will have a wiki to show you insights shared from awesome Makers.


Here is the hard thing. Figuring out what tools to use without wasting weeks building something with a tool that won’t get the job done. How do you avoid this?

Front End refers to what tool(s) will your user interface with like a landing page or form.

Back End refers to what tool(s) will the data and logic be to connect your front end to some type of value output to the user. 

Output to the user refers to what tool(s) deliver the value that your app creates to the user.

Founder of a no-code tool or platform?

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