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WordPress is the largest website builder in the world holding atleast one out of every three websites built are with WordPress.Β 

A full WordPress review is coming.Β 

Below I’ll be adding some of the best no code actual applications created by some insanely talented Makers who launched using WordPress as part of the side project stack.

michael novotny and no code to make and launch a side project

Forward by Maker: Michael Novotny

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"In Their Words" No Code Maker Commentary and Reviews

michael novotny and no code to make and launch a side project

Maker: Michael Best Place to Find Him: Twitter Project stack for Side Project Stack can be found here. Project link for Side Project Stack.

+ WordPress delivered on my need for creating subfolder directories. which in laymen’s terms just means able to add multiple web addresses within the url. example:

+ WordPress was easier to use once I got set up. I am using Elementor as my actual website builder to stitch together all the visual website design of each page. Which also is very easy to use. Much easier to use and more responsive than Squarespace